Enoch’s Stomp blush wines include:  Susan’s Secret, a light blush, Sweet Lenoir, a light rosé, and Cweet Cynthiana, a heavy rosé.  Blush wines are made from the juice of red grapes that have little or no skin contact, leaving a pink wine that is light, fruity, simple, and sweet.  Comparatively, a rosé has longer contact with the skins, resulting in a dark red or purple wine with more complex taste and bouquet, yet remaining sweet and smooth.


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Susan’s Secret embodies all the qualities of a true blush wine being light, fruity, aromatic and slightly sweet. It dazzles the senses by combining the acidic bite of apple with the lush flavors of pineapple and cherry. It is perfect with lunch or a light summer meal. Serve chilled

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You’ve heard of Texas sweet tea, now there is Texas Sweet Lenoir!  If you are new to the wine experience, Sweet Lenoir is a perfect transition from tea to wine.  You will find it beautifully balanced, sweet, but not too sweet; tangy, yet not too tart.  The grape, also known as Black Spanish, is rumoured to have entered the new world in the mid-1600s by a Spanish friar serving communion in South Texas.  Today, the grape has found its way into a variety of wines, particularly many dessert wines.  Our version is semi-sweet, reminiscent of Sangria or White Zinfandel.  Enjoy it with lunch or light dinner, particularly barbecue, pasta, pizza, or southern game.  Serve slightly chilled.

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Cynthiana is a geographically schizophrenic grape.  In the Northern U.S. it bears the name Norton and is fashioned into a heavy, dry wine, similar to Cabernet Sauvignon.  In the Southern U.S. the grape is called Cynthiana, and is used to make sweet wine.  Enoch’s Stomp’s Cweet Cynthiana is designed for wine lovers looking for a complex, full bodied, dark fruit taste while still maintaining the sweet Southern tradition.  It pairs well with all Texas cuisine, especially BBQ.  Drink slightly chilled.

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