Enoch’s Red Grape Walk Stomp & Barrel


Annual Red Grape Stomp.  August 20, 2022.    4pm until 9pm

Enoch's Red Grape Walk, Stomp & Barrel.

As tradition holds, join us for our annual celebration of the red grape harvest where you become the wine maker.  Choose to enter the grape stomping contest and/or join the rest of the crowd in a participatory and educational winery tour where you make your own bottle of wine.

If you had the chance to participate in our Spring Wine Walk or have experienced our Winemakers Stem to Stem winemaking class, this event will be a merging of the two.  Begin your active participation in the wine making process by meeting one of our wine ambassadors at the doors of the winery.  Then take a short, educational stroll to the vineyards where you will pick your own mini-sample of grapes.  Head back to the winery to crush, press, make chemistry adjustments, and start fermentation of your own grape must.  As a souvenir, we will bottle up your freshly crushed grapes to take home and drink as juice or wait a few days, let the fermentation finish then imbibe in a sampling of your very own wine.  If time permits a tour of the winery tank room will also be offered.

The evening will also include an optional grape stomping contest and music on the vineyard view deck.


Wine Walk Wine Making Experience - $40 per person

Check in at the winery tasting room patio.

Station #1:  Our wine ambassador will greet you on the patio where you will gather your supplies, head into the vineyard, then pick a few clusters of Lenoir to begin the wine making experience.  Along the way you will learn a bit about Enoch’s grape growing and wine making history.

Station #2 will be held in the Event Center Barrel Room.  Once you've picked your grapes, head back to the winery where our wine ambassador and winemaker will give you a visual tour of Enoch’s wine processing equipment.  Once you understand how Enoch makes wine, apply this knowledge to your recently picked grapes to do a scaled down version of crushing, pressing, juice adjusting, and starting the fermentation.  Your sample will then be bottled and sent home with you to finish fermentation.

Station #3, if time permits, will be held in the tank room where our wine ambassador will offer tank samplings of Enoch's wines at various stages of the fermentation process. 

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Grape Stomping Experience - $70 per couple.

This is optional and is in addition to the Wine Making Experience.  Everyone remembers the Lucille Ball grape stomping episode.  Now's your chance to do the same.  Grab a partner and enter the contest to produce the most juice from 20 pounds of Lenoir grapes.  We supply the grapes.  You supply the stomping.  Bring a change of clothes as this can get messy.   Stomping contest offered in strict time slots every 45 minutes.  Please DO NOT be late to your appointed time, otherwise you will be forfeited from the competition without refund.  Participants in the stomping contest will receive a commemorative T-shirt.

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The event will be held from 4pm until 9pm.

Wine Stomping Contest offered every 45 minutes with the first session starting at 5:15pm.  Sign up in advance.  (Plan for 30-40 minutes to complete)

The Wine Walk Wine Making Experience will be held in groups of 40 people starting at 4:30pm followed by a new group every 45 minutes, with the last group at 8:15pm. (Plan for 1 to 1 ½ hours to complete).

If you desire to participate in both experiences (stomping and winemaking) please plan accordingly.  Allow at least 30 minutes for the stomping contest and a maximum of 1 ½ hours for the winemaking experience.  The winemaking experience will allow you the freedom to leave early, within one hour of starting the class.

Purchase your event tickets online.  Once purchased we will contact you to confirm your start time.