Decorating with Dylan


Enoch's Stomp invites you to decorate with Dylan this Fall.

Learn decorating tips from Dylan while enjoying

two Enoch's Stomp wines with our Wine Ambassadors.

In addition, enjoy homemade desserts by our own Chef Matt Hamilton.

$35.00 + tax

Purchase tickets here.


Meet Dylan Palmer

Born and raised in Longview TX, Dylan Palmer has been

working as a designer for almost 10 years.

Eight of those years working as an artificial floral designer

and decorator for Ellis Home & Garden in Longview.


In the past, when looking through the store one would

often find tags bearing "Designed by Dylan" on many

things from garlands and wreaths, to centerpieces,

and especially Christmas trees during the holidays.

While Dylan's talent and passion shines through

in all of his work, there is also heart in everything

he does. Dylan donates him time each year for a number

of worthy causes including decorating for Neal McCoy's

East Texas Angel Networks' annual sponsor dinner each fall.

Dylan loves to spend time working in clients’ homes,

transforming their vision into a reality whether it be

an everyday design or a winter wonderland.

There is also an ever-growing number of local businesses

that entrust their professional image and appearance

to Dylan's design each year. 


 To view some of Dylan's work you can visit his

Facebook page Designs by Dylan, where he also goes LIVE to design,

decorate, inform, and of course entertain. Be sure to click LIKE

while you are there.